Audatex Launches Upgraded Estimation Platform


Audatex China officially launched the latest iteration of its estimation platform. Upgrading the platform has been a significant strategy transformation for Audatex in China's vehicles aftermarket. The products available on the new Audatex estimation platform are tailored to meet the needs of its customers' accordingly to different regions and requirements, extending Audatex's strength as a leading high value solution provider.

Audatex is a leading intelligent platform provider in China's vehicle aftermarket, and owns an accurate VIN identification database, elaborate parts numbers & pricing system, standard labor hour and intelligent repair logic at the same time. Audatex has continued to concentrate on applying innovative technologies to its software research and development, and taken increasing efforts to establish an efficient automation process to replace manual operation for an enhanced premium customer experience. After strenuous cultivation in China's vehicle after market, Audatex is leveraging its strengths of local practice, innovative data and intelligent software to build a tailored and upgraded estimation platform and series of adaptive software for local customers. The upgrade is reflected in the following three aspects: Introducing a local labor hours & pricing agreement system - providing a dedicated labor hours & pricing system according to the practice of different regions, which meet the localization needs of customers; Optimizing the estimation process – allowing for operations to become more flexible and efficient. Quick Damage capture- which will simplify the claims process, using 5 steps to complete loss assessments, to reduce the time needed for the processing of small claims; Full value chain expansion - integrating multiple functions to a unified platform, leveraging in-depth access to claims and after-sales processes, utilize intelligent platforms to drive the value chain of the vehicle aftermarket development further.

The new estimation platform also contains a powerful database with the information of hundreds of automotive brands and data coverage reach of up to 95%. Not only can it apply the local market’s repair standards, but also seamlessly be connected to a customers'system and other Audatex software's. "Intelligent platform, Local settings" Audatex well utilizes the unique platform to meet multiple needs. The Audatex estimation platform brings full support to insurance companies, repair shops, automobile manufacturers and helps them to satisfy the requirements of the market, and together bring car owner a better service and quality experiences. “Within our ten years in the China auto aftermarket, Audatex has continued to deepen our understanding of the local market to provide professional & intelligent technical support and total solutions for customers.” said Le Weiliang, the Managing Director of Audatex China, “By launching the intelligent platform and several supporting software's, which are tailor-made for the Chinese automobile aftermarket, we hope to facilitate a value chain of high quality for insurance providers, repair shops, automobile manufacturers and car owners, as well as to make the estimation, claim & maintenance service of collision cars to become more efficient and flexible. In the future, Audatex will maintain our research and development of innovative products, bringing various flexible and adaptable software configurations to Chinese customers, and expanding them to a broader field of application.”