Qapter – Estimation, Smarter than ever


Audatex has launched new estimation module – Qapter in China. As the most advanced damaged capture software in the market, its intuitive, accurate database includes all types of vehicles, incorporating latest technology and design, to bring users unparalleled experience.

Compared to the previous generation, Qapter adopts a modern user interface design. Its innovative and simplified operation process facilitates a more intelligent estimation. Below are some of the advance features of Qapter:


l  Realistic 3D – more insights thanks to data quality

l  Parts material information – discover even more details such as materials and fittings

l  360 Navigation –less navigation required to find a part

l  Intuitive & quick Access – intuitive navigation when interacting with the car on a desktop device

l  Intelligent repair estimator – solutions specially tailored to estimate light damage to the outer parts of the vehicle

l  Repair cost optimization – easily identify whether repair is cheaper than replacement

l  Total running - quicker calculation preview each time a new operation is selected

In addition
Qapter is user-friendly and applicable for most browsers without installing JAVA. Qapter offers the same level user experience across of devices, which could help users increase efficiency without training.  It can facilitate users to manage the overall working process effectively, allowing the estimating industry work be more unprecedented and flexible.


CurrentlyQapter has been widely used in a number of countries with positive feedback and highly-welcomed by users.